About us

EBE Engineering

EBE Engineering is a German-based engineering business that is specialised in Venturi Orifice steam trap design and manufacture. Our focus is improving steam performance for our customers. Venturi Orifice steam no only improve steam performance efficiency but save 10-30% steam efficiency and money. 

ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice Steam Trap

EBE Engineering’s focus on design excellence and high-quality manufacturing, results in solutions that are reliable and low maintenance while delivering both reduced energy costs and lower CO2 emissions.

Focusing on a systems approach, we are able to offer you full steam system analysis and evaluation surveys. In addition to our innovative new ECOFLOW Venturi Steam trap range.

For more than a decade, EBE Engineering has striven to improve the performance of steam operating plant. Working with a wide range of major corporates and independents to build-up an unprecedented knowledge of the workings of the Venturi design. Based on this extensive experience and customer feedback we have developed the ECOFLOW venturi steam trap – a truly unique solution that delivers exceptional performance to our customers.

We pride ourselves in our support and have recently established a full German limited company. Committed to long term markets in Europe and beyond we can offer uninterrupted supply with deliveries directly from our German operation.

Our Mission Statement

EBE Engineering's Vision

To become the leading supplier of new generation of Venturi Orifice Steam Traps to businesses in Europe.

What do we do?


EBE Engineering designs, manufactures and sells ECOFLOW Steam Traps – an unique concept in Venturi Orifice steam traps developed to meet the rigorous requirements demanded by today’s industrial steam plant users.

EBE’s new type of Venturi orifice steam trap, unlike mechanical, thermodynamic and thermostatic steam traps, has no moving parts to fail open or shut, resulting in no more failed traps and minimal downtime. They enhance efficiency and reliability of the heat transfer system and provide between a 10% and 30% reduction in steam costs.


How EBE Engineering do it?

EBE Engineering strives to deliver real customer value by providing technical solutions to steam system problems. Based on developing partnerships with our customers, we evaluate, analyse and implement process saving solutions improving efficiency for entire steam systems across a diverse range of businesses and industries.

Our important supplier partnerships result in a high-quality product, excellent customer service and satisfaction. 

EBE Engineering strives for continuous improvement within our own business as well as in our entire supply chain.

Nigel Egginton
Managing Director

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