Optimize your plants performance with EBE Engineering
Identify Opportunities for Energy Savings with EBE Engineering
Align Your System with Prevailing Best Practices with EBE Engineering
Our Goal is to Systematize our Analysis, Providing Optimal Advice on Process Interactions
Resolves Existing Issues and Eliminating the Failures Associated with Conventional Mechanical Steam Traps
EBE System Survey Delivers rapid Returns and Recommended System Improvements Consistently

Site Surveys

Mechanical steam traps, due to their cyclic nature, inherently endure wear and tear. Increased operation leads to higher wear and a shorter working life. Ensuring optimum performance in steam operating plants necessitates periodic testing, commonly conducted through a ‘steam trap survey.’

EBE Surveys

An EBE site survey encompasses these aspects as well. However, as steam trap manufacturers, our emphasis extends beyond individual traps to your entire steam system. Our goal is to optimize your plant’s performance, identifying opportunities for energy savings and recommending actions to align your system with prevailing best practices.

Our audit kicks off from the boiler house, tracing the steam lines through the associated system to understand the connectivity of the steam and condensate systems. Unlike a mere catalog of functioning and malfunctioning traps in a local area, we delve into the intricacies of ‘closed feedback loops,’ where steam and condensate lines work in tandem. This approach allows us to analyze interconnected processes through shared pipework systematically. Instead of a haphazard strategy, our goal is to systemise our analysis, providing optimal advice on process interactions.

For instance, opting to replace all steam traps in a specific area could effectively ‘close’ a particular steam and condensate loop. Introducing ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice Traps into such closed loops not only resolves existing issues but also prevents future problems by eliminating the failures associated with conventional mechanical steam traps.

As a dedicated Venturi Orifice Steam Trap manufacturer, we don’t offer a portfolio of valves, steam pumps, condensate receivers, or other ancillary equipment. Our focus lies in Venturi orifice technology, and we’ve observed that many devices added to steam and condensate systems provide limited or no value in enhancing overall system performance. Our customers value our in-depth understanding of steam systems and the expertise we bring to our analysis. Consequently, an EBE site survey delivers rapid returns and recommended system improvements consistently.

"EBE System Survey Delivers rapid Returns and Recommended System Improvements Consistently"


  • Unique modular design for low and high condensate flow
  • Multiple nozzle configurations designed for optimum efficiency at operating point
  • Fully cast flanged housing eliminates any weld joints and guarantees pressure integrity
  • Graphite seals, metal bonded and fully encapsulated to eliminate leakages
  • All face to face dimensions in accordance with ISO 26554 / EN26554
  • In-line constructions allows for removal and cleaning of filters and nozzles

How It Works

The ECOFLOW Venturi orifice steam trap, from EBE Engineering, is the most advanced Venturi orifice steam trap on the market today. The fully flanged cast housing was designed, developed and refined using 3D modelling and casting simulation software.
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