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The market for steam traps is many and varied. Steam can be used in any process that requires controlled heat transfer, it is an excellent medium as the temperature of the steam is directly connected to its pressure. It is environmentally friendly as it is simply water under pressure, and due to the retained enthalpy in the condensate, it has its own motive force. Steam does not require additional energy to return the condensate to a receiver or the boiler house.

A selection of industries where steam is an important part of the process include but are not limited to:

Process dryers

Rotating drums >




Food Processing

Herb drying >
• Confectionary
Baking >
• Frozen food
• Canning


Brewing & Beverage

• Beer brewing
• Spirit distillation


Pulp and Paper

• Newsprint
Corrugated cartons >





• Milk
• Yogurt
• Desserts



• Cracking towers



Special chemicals >





• Flat bed ironers
• Tumble dryers

Plastic and Rubber

Building materials

Hospitals and healthcare

District heating

Sugar and bio-diesel


EBE Engineering is active in all these areas. Over the coming months we will be posting case studies from our customer base detailing their experience with the Venturi orifice technology.

Watch this space!

The trap benefits from:

Improved production efficiency without downtime due to failed steam traps

Elimination of expensive steam leaks

Reduction in maintenance - with a full ten year performance guarantee on all Venturi orifice steam traps

Increasingly the first choice for blue chip and forward thinking businesses.