Ecoflow Flanged Venturi Orifice Steam Trap

EBE Engineering’s new ECOFLOW venturi orifice steam trap range is designed to meet the rigorous requirements demanded by today’s industrial plant users. Developed on a modular concept, the trap encompasses a wide range of capacities. These include minimal condensate flow requirements on line drainage and trace heating systems, through to the high flow volumes and variable loads of process heating applications. The trap’s unique innovative design allows for both these conditions to be serviced within the same flanged body.


The new ECOFLOW is the first fully cast, flanged, venturi orifice steam trap to be available to the market. Delivering permanent solutions for all steam trapping requirements, the Venturi orifice technology forms part of your total steam system pipework. With no moving parts, it is an integral part of the system and will never need replacement.


  • Unique modular design for low and high condensate flow
  • Multiple nozzle configurations designed for optimum efficiency at operating point
  • Fully cast flanged housing eliminates any weld joints and guarantees pressure integrity
  • Flexible filtration options, increased secondary filtration available for contaminated systems
  • Graphite seals, metal bonded and fully encapsulated to eliminate leakages
  • All face to face dimensions in accordance with ISO 26554 / EN26554
  • In-line constructions allows for removal and cleaning of filters and nozzles

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How It Works

The ECOFLOW Venturi orifice steam trap, from EBE Engineering, is the most advanced Venturi orifice steam trap on the market today. The fully flanged cast housing was designed, developed and refined using 3D modelling and casting simulation software.


How it works diagram

The trap benefits from:

Improved production efficiency without downtime due to failed steam traps

Elimination of expensive steam leaks

Reduction in maintenance - with a full ten year performance guarantee on all Venturi orifice steam traps

Increasingly the first choice for blue chip and forward thinking businesses.