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ISOjag - ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice steam trap removable Insulation jackets

EBE Engineering’s new ECOFLOW ISOjag Removable Insulation Jackets are designed to fit the ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice Steam Trap sizes ranging  from DN15 to DN50. They cut heat losses by up to 90% and are extremely easy to remove and replace, thereby enabling steam trap maintenance to be carried out quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

Heat losses through uninsulated plant

Good practice dictates that steam operating plant should be insulated as much as possible to reduce thermal radiation energy losses. All competent plant managers need to determine the optimum point at which insulation costs are balanced against thermal radiation losses. Decisions regarding insulation thickness are further complicated by the wide range of insulation materials available. The most common forms of insulation are designed for static pipework with simple geometry. Where, for example, an installation includes complex geometry and valves and steam traps it becomes more difficult to choose a suitable insulation material. In such instances, the ISOjag removable insulation jacket could provide the answer as it primarily uses the air encapsulated inside the jacket as the insulating medium. This offers excellent thermal performance for a minimum of insulation thickness.


  • Exactly fits the ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice Steam Traps sizes DN15 – DN50
  • Self-contained insulation system, independent from any pipework insulation
  • Rugged Velcro fastener strips
  • I.D. tagging with part number, Nozzle sizing and location identification
  • Double sewn construction with bond edging
  • Jackets are fabricated from DuPont™ Nomex® 455 (NOMEX III), a patented blend of NOMEX and KEVLAR brand fibres. The outer layer has a weight of 160gm/m2, with a silicone coated glass fibre cloth encapsulated in up to ten further Nomex insulation layers.
  • Pull cords are Kevlar for maximum performance in high temperature environments
  • ISOjag jackets are suitable for use on applications up to 200 degrees centigrade

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How It Works

The ECOFLOW Venturi orifice steam trap, from EBE Engineering, is the most advanced Venturi orifice steam trap on the market today. The fully flanged cast housing was designed, developed and refined using 3D modelling and casting simulation software.


How it works diagram

The trap benefits from:

Improved production efficiency without downtime due to failed steam traps

Elimination of expensive steam leaks

Reduction in maintenance - with a full ten year performance guarantee on all Venturi orifice steam traps

Increasingly the first choice for blue chip and forward thinking businesses.