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Our revolutionary ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice Steam Trap, by EBE Engineering, meets the exacting demands of today’s industrial steam plant users. Unlike traditional mechanical traps, ECOFLOW's Venturi Orifice technology features no moving parts, eliminating issues with openings and closures that often lead to trap failures.

EBE Engineering’s unique ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice Steam trap is a permanent solution to steam trapping problems. Unlike thermodynamic and thermostatic steam traps ECOFLOW ensures exceptional durability and no downtime. As a sustainable solution, ECOFLOW not only reduces CO2 emissions but also cuts energy costs, with demonstrated savings of 10%-30% on steam expenses.


The first fully cast flanged Venturi Orifice Steam Trap to be available in the market.

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Good practice dictates that steam operating plant should be insulated as much as possible to reduce thermal radiation energy losses.

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The threaded or socket welded ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice Steam Trap complements the flanged product and completes the range.

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Site Survey

Regular testing, often conducted as a 'steam trap survey,' is essential to maintain optimum performance in steam operating plants.

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For further information on how the ECOFLOW Venturi orifice range can help you improve your steam system performance, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, email or phone. One of our team would be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.


How It Works

The ECOFLOW Venturi orifice steam trap, from EBE Engineering, is the most advanced Venturi orifice steam trap on the market today. The fully flanged cast housing was designed, developed and refined using 3D modelling and casting simulation software.
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