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ECOFLOW venturi orifice steam trap DN40 and DN50:

The highly successful ECOFLOW venturi orifice steam trap range has been further expanded to include fully cast DN40 and DN50 bodies.

Using the modular concept developed in the smaller flange sizes from DN15 to DN25, the new DN40 and DN50 flanged design allows for maximum flexibility, as larger interchangeable nozzle sizes can be used and achieve higher flow rates (up to several tonnes of condensate per hour).

Flanged DN40-DN50The DN40 and DN50 are now cast in 1.4408 austenitic stainless steel. This antimagnetic material offers superior resistance to aggressive acidic environments and is ideal for chemically contaminated industrial as well as all other standard environments. Manufactured using precision investment casting which produces an excellent surface finish and dimensional tolerances. The completely homogeneous housing has no weld joints enabling EBE to deliver a product meeting the highest standards of the stringent European pressure equipment directive as well as the AD2000 Merkblatt W0 regulations.

EBE Engineering Managing Director, Nigel Egginton is happy to report: “This latest addition to our range gives us a complete product offering that cannot be matched by any other venturi orifice steam trap manufacturer. It has always been our intention to eliminate weld joints and supply fully cast venturi orifice steam traps. The expanded ECOFLOW range enables us to supply all industrial steam users with this exceptional product across the entire range of ISO EN 26554 flange requirements and meet all their process flow needs.”

The unique ECOFLOW venturi orifice steam traps can be used on all steam applications in every type of industry. Improving the overall energy efficiency of steam systems through the innovative venturi technology, and with no moving parts they are effectively maintenance-free. In contrast to traditional mechanical steam traps there are no mechanical sealing faces in the trap to fail and cause steam leakage. With no wear parts, ECOFLOW delivers a permanent solution for all your steam trapping requirements.
Flanged DN40-DN50
The complete range is assembled and available from stock through EBE’s German subsidiary, where all European and global markets are serviced directly.

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The trap benefits from:

Improved production efficiency without downtime due to failed steam traps

Elimination of expensive steam leaks

Reduction in maintenance - with a full ten year performance guarantee on all Venturi orifice steam traps

Increasingly the first choice for blue chip and forward thinking businesses.